Climb the summits

Dive down to the origin of being and experience a feeling of absolute freedom. But first, you have to head up into the fascinating vertical world. By climbing, you can increase your endurance, build muscle, and work on your agility. The sport of climbing also boosts your self-confidence and general well-being.

Something for everyone

Thanks to an impressive variety of possibilities, the offer of climbing gardens and via ferrata routes in the Tux – Finkenberg vacation region can’t be beat. Whether a beginner or extreme athlete, everyone will get their money’s worth here. For unexperienced climbers, we recommend the Zillertal high ropes garden in Kaltenbach. Embark on the adventure of climbing and take advantage of the support of excellently trained pros and mountain guides in the Zillertal.

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Climbing | Image by Erika Marcial from Pixabay