Family history

From then until today

Here you will find a short summary of the development of Hotel Jäger in Lanersbach/Tux. The full history can be found in a book in the dining room. Head of the hotel, Michael Tipotsch will also be happy to personally provide information about the development of the hotel. 


Purchase of the "Oberwirt" property in 1927 by Lambert Tipotsch from Hintertux. In 1927, it was an inn plus a farm with 3 cows!  


Grandpa Lambert built another floor on top of the inn and installed the 1st oil heating system for hot water in Tux!  


In May 1958, my parents Josef Tipotsch and Notburga Erler were married.


New construction of the guesthouse! These were the 1st rooms with a bath/WC – some locals thought Sepp was crazy ;)


In April, demolition of the original Jäger house and completion of the new building in July.


Purchase of the “Alte Haus” property! This building was one of the oldest houses in Lanersbach. Father had it torn down to make space for parking places. It is now the site of the Jägerschlössl with an underground garage.


Expansion and renovation of the old dining hall. 


Construction of the underground garage.


Renovation of the lobby, reception area, and sauna and relocation of the WC facilities to the cellar.


Renovation of the guesthouse and basement to create Disco Piccolo!

May 1993

During construction, I found enough time to marry in May and take over my parents' business.


Renovation of the dining hall, bar, and lounge.

Autumn 1997

Addition to the existing Jäger guesthouse: apartments with a tile stove for a cozy ambiance.


Addition of an elevator, playroom, and connecting passage to the guesthouse!


Start of construction on the Jäger Schlössl at the beginning of May and completion at the end of September.

May 2005

Renovation of the sauna.


Room renovations: we furnished rooms with only handmade furniture, no factory-made furniture.

Autumn 2008

Beginning of construction work on Hotel Alpenjuwel Jäger in Vorderlanersbach.

November 2009

Opening of Hotel Alpenjuwel Jäger.