*** NEW summer 2019 – Chalets Alpenjuwel ***

Covid 19

Book carefree & safe


  • Guarantee of a minimum distanve of 1 meter.
  • We refrain from shaking hands and body contact.
  • Our employees with guest contact work with MNS masks.
  • Our employees have been trained in the basic rules as well as the general rules of conduct, and have also been instructed on the minimum distance within the team.
  • Our employees are regularly tested for COVID-19 once a week.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available at central points.
  • Based on experience, we clean sufaces that are often touched, such as door and window handles, light switches, railings, etc. depending on the frequency.
  • We ventilate regularly.
  • The keycards are desinfected before they are used.
  • We ask that you only use the elevator with people from the same household or with fellow travelers in the same apartment.


  • The rooms are ventilated and desinfected with special attention after every guest change, we pay particular attention to objects that have been touched a lot, such as remote controls, handles, light switches, etc.


  • Supervised desinfectant dispenser at the buffet. This means that you can ONLY remove openly presented food and drinks yourself afer cleaning your hands.
  • The safety distance between the tables is maintained.

Juwel spa

  • Sauna cabins (recommendation -1 person per 10m²)
  • There is a rule  of at least 1 meter between people who are not in the household or the room.
  • Loungers with enough space are available.